If Passion is Pink

If passion is pink,

will it taste of raspberry creme,
flow from rose-tinted lips whispering sonnets?

If purple, will it be tart like a Saskatoon berry,
scented like frosted lilac or a wisteria tree in full bloom?

As comfortable as faded blue linen,
blue patchwork quilt, or a distant horizon mid-day?

Cool and refreshing as a coral reef, sweet as peach preserves,
or free and determined as wild salmon?

Smooth as bourbon butterscotch, refined as amber,
exciting as a piece of eight?

Cloaked with comfort like morning fog,
a rich Highland or Somerset grey?
(think Scots or Englishman - I'm all about the accent)

Maybe Celtic and Parisian green (see above)
or calming as meadow sage and wheatgrass?

Perhaps red, hot kisses beneath scarlet maples
or beside gooseberries on a woodland path?

If passion is pink, is it delicate
as a Victorian rose?

What color will you choose
as you nibble on your lover's ear?

by Margaret Bednar, July 11, 2019